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Fan Clubs

United City F.C. Fan Clubs

The following will provide you with the basic requirements for starting an Official UNITED CITY F.C. Fan Club.

If after reading these requirements, you would like to apply for your Fan Club to be granted official status, please send your request to: info@unitedcityfootballclub.com

Official UCFC Fan Clubs are granted official status by the Club in order to:

  • Represent United City F.C. in local regions around the world
  • Bring local fans together through their love of UCFC
  • Protect and enhance the good name of UCFC
  • Organize high quality services and events for branch members
  • Promote, and value the history of UCFC (and its heritage from Ceres -Negros)
  • To help support UCFC local charitable causes

Application to set-up an UCFC Fan Club is Free of Charge.

UNITED CITY F.C. carefully consider all requests for affiliation and the following will be considered when considering a new fan or Supporters Club for affiliation:

  • Geographical Location
  • Proximity to another Official UCFC Fan Club

Rights of Members of Fan Clubs:

To participate in the activities of the Fan Club and, specifically:

  1. To attend and participate in general assemblies, exercise the right to vote and object to agreements.
  2. To elect board members and to be eligible for election, except in the case of minors.
  3. To participate in activities, events and functions held by the fan Club.
  4. To be informed of the agreements made by the board of directors and the general assembly.
  5. To the receive the services, offers and advantages of the Fan Club card or others.

Duties of Members of Fan Clubs:

  1. To comply with the obligations resulting from statutory provisions and applicable regulations.
  2. To respect the values of the Fan Club UNITED CITY F.C.: civic behavior, social integration, sportsmanship, solidarity, respect, ethics, and democracy.
  3. To participate in the objectives of the fan Club.
  4. To pay the corresponding membership fees.
  5. To comply with the rules and regulations made by the Fan club and approved by UCFC.


  • Official UCFC Fan Clubs must not be run for commercial or personal financial gain.
  • The Fan Club must have a minimum of 10 members.
  • All Fan Club Members must also be UCFC Membership holders.

​Members should live in the ear proximity (within 100km) or same region that their Fan Club serves

Fan Clubs may charge its members a reasonable subscription fee to become a “member” of the fan club if the following guidelines are followed:

  • Membership fees must be approved by UCFC (please propose a fee structure for approval by UCFC)
  • A receipt must be given to each member upon payment
  • The Fan Club should keep record of how membership fees are spent – all Fan Clubs should be non-profit with clear membership rules and regulations (please propose to UCFC for review).

Official UCFC Fan Club Bank account details to be published and supplied to UCFC.

Fan Clubs must not in any way use any of the Club trademarks, logos or club crests without prior approval by UCFC.

Fan Clubs that are granted official status will be given full branding guidelines upon acceptance of Official Fan Club status.

Each Fan Club should appoint a committee to ensure the fair running of the Fan Club, represent UCFC in a proper manner and be accountable to its membership. The Fan Club Committee shall consist of a number of members to include at least the following 3 positions: Chairperson, Vice Chairman, Secretary and/or Treasurer which can be nominated at the inauguration and voted for by its members at a later stage. Please prepare Fan Club statues and send to UCFC for review and approval.

Each Fan Club must hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM). At the first AGM, the Fan Club must agree on the Club’s procedures it deems fit for the regulation and good management of Committee Meetings and at Annual General Meetings.

Special Fan Club benefits to be extended to its members will be available by UCFC which will include discounts for merchandise purchases, special ticketing prices for league matches and other benefits.

Official UCFC Fan Clubs will be recognized on the official UCFC home page.