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United City FC proudly announces the return of Miggy Clarino to our esteemed roster. Clarino’s journey through the Philippine football landscape has been nothing short of remarkable, marked by his unwavering dedication and stellar performances on the pitch. His initial stint with United City FC’s predecessor in the 20/21 season showcased Clarino’s immense potential, as he seamlessly integrated into the squad and played a pivotal role in their campaigns. However, his journey took him to different destinations, including Maharlika FC and Customs United, where he continued to shine and hone his skills.

Now, as Clarino returns to the club where it all began, United City FC welcomes him with open arms and high expectations. With his invaluable experience gained from various clubs and competitions, Clarino brings a newfound maturity and leadership to the team, qualities that will undoubtedly bolster their title ambitions.

His return bolsters the team’s defense with his versatility, defensive prowess, and
leadership qualities on the right flank. As Clarino reunites with familiar faces and embraces the challenge of competing at the highest level, the entire United City FC community stands united in anticipation of the success that lies ahead. With his talent, determination, and unwavering commitment to the club’s cause.