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United City FC is thrilled to announce the signing of Darlton Digha. Digha, a former captain of Adamson University’s football team, is a remarkable addition to the club, with his leadership
skills and exceptional abilities on the field.

Digha’s football journey is a testament to his adaptability and unwavering commitment. Starting
as a captain, he moved on to coaching and team management, demonstrating his true leadership qualities. Currently serving as a team manager and previously as a head coach of Adamson University, he has not only showcased his on-field prowess but also his ability to mentor and inspire his teammates. His leadership and impact on the pitch were evident when he led his team to their first title in November last year for Season 19 of Ang Liga, a historic achievement.

Digha is a talented midfielder, with precision passing, impeccable ball control, and tactical astuteness, making him a formidable presence on the field. While some may question his fit within United City FC’s squad, there’s no denying the depth and versatility he brings to the midfield.

Digha’s footballing journey has taken him across continents, from his formative years at CEFOJET Academy to his standout performances at Adamson University. He has left an indelible mark on every team he has played for, earning praise for his dedication and work ethic.

We are thrilled to welcome him to the United City family, and his experience and leadership qualities will be invaluable as we strive for success both domestically and internationally.