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Manila, 28 February 2024 – On the back of the successful launch of its
dedicated Fan App, United City Football Club is thrilled to get its
strategic partnership with Blocksport, a pioneering Swiss-based
company founded in 2019, started. This collaboration marks a
significant milestone for United City FC, as it embraces the power of
Web3 and blockchain technologies to enhance fan engagement and
unlock new revenue streams.

About Blocksport: Unlocking Limitless Revenue Streams with
Web3 Blocksport, a trailblazer in the sports technology arena, has successfully
partnered with leading sports clubs across Europe and Africa, including
the likes of Empoli FC, Partizan BC, Kaizer Chiefs FC, Salford Red
Devils Rugby Club, Belgium Cycling, OH Leuven, to name a few. The
company specializes in helping professional sports entities build digital
infrastructure which in return creates efficient community hubs while
leveraging Web3 and blockchain technologies for revenue generation
and deeper fan engagement.

“At Blocksport, we are committed to empowering sports clubs with
innovative solutions that transcend traditional boundaries. Our
collaboration with United City FC signifies a bold step towards the future
of fan engagement. Furthermore, my trip to Manila a few months ago to
participate in the Business of Football conference confirmed to us that
the Philippines and the Southeast Asian region, including Indonesia,
Vietnam, and Thailand, are markets with huge potential; hence this
partnership marks the start of the Blocksport footprint in this part of the
world. By combining the power of Web3 and blockchain, we aim to
create a digital ecosystem that meets and exceeds the expectations of
the modern fan. Together with United City FC, we are paving the way for
a new era in sports technology not just in the Philippines but beyond.” –
Samir Ceric, COO of Blocksport.

The partnership between United City FC and Blocksport opens the door
to various fan engagement activities, including but not limited to:
– NFT Games, Fan Points Booster, Digital Memberships, Premium

Content, online ticketing, Exclusive Club content, Digital Collectibles, E-
commerce, community chats, news updates, predictor games, live streaming, and much more.

Why Web3?
Gen Z Engagement: The next generation of fans, Gen Z, demands high
digital and Web3 engagement levels from their favorite clubs.
Embracing these technologies is crucial in attracting and retaining this
tech-savvy audience.

Absolute Ownership: In Web3, fans have the exclusive ability to own,
trade, and monetize their digital assets, fostering a sense of absolute
ownership and connection with the club.

Transparency: Web3 technology ensures transparency in all
transactions and relationships between clubs and fans. This
transparency is essential for building trust and accountability within the
fan community.

Security: Recognizing the value of fan data, Blocksport employs
blockchain technology to uphold the highest security standards. This
approach safeguards the privacy and integrity of fan data, treating it as
the club’s most valuable asset.

“We are excited about the endless possibilities our partnership with
Blocksport brings. As we step into Web3 and blockchain, we are not just
transforming the fan experience; we are revolutionizing how clubs
interact with their supporters. This is a game-changer not only for United
City FC but also for Philippine Football, and we are proud to lead the
way in embracing the future of sports technology.” – Eric Gottschalk,
President of United City Football Club United City FC and Blocksport are excited about the transformative potential of this partnership, as we work together to create a cutting-
edge fan experience and position the club at the forefront of the evolving sports and technology landscape.