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Originally published by The Game Magazine

The reigning champions of the Philippines Football League (PFL), United City Football Club (UCFC), have become the first PFL club to have a home in Central Luzon—the New Clark City Athletic Stadium.

The New Clark City Athletic Stadium, located in Campas, Tarlac, is part of the New Clark City Sports Hub. Now, the stadium is prepared to host UCFC’s home games in the ongoing 2022/2023 PFL season.

So for all the United City fans, get ready to support your team in your own ‘house’ starting this October.

A new home

In many countries such as England and Spain, football leagues hold home and away games. With this kind of system, every team gets to play on their home soil and on their opponent’s. The same is true among the seven teams in the PFL.

And now, with UCFC’s new home in New Clark City, they become the first team to be based in Central Luzon.

“To represent Central Luzon and bring football to the local community is a major step in the development of professional football in the country,” UCFC president Eric Gottschalk said during the press conference earlier today.

The 2022-2023 PFL season is currently in full swing. Thus, the team wasted no time and announced their first two home games for the season. Their first game will be against the Azkals Development Team on October 22, and their next will be on November 5 against Stallion Laguna.

Mark your calendars, UCFC fans—your team is coming home real soon. And, with a brand new look too.

A new look

Apart from announcing UCFC’s upcoming games as hosts, they also revealed an entirely new identity for the team that represents their new home.

“We knew that we needed to align ourselves into a community, so the word city is just a placeholder for the community we will be representing. And since we knew when we were looking for a home, that the city would start with a ‘C’, we called it UCFC, or United City, which will be changed to United Clark Football Club,” UCFC president Eric Gottschalk explained.

So from United City Football Club, we will now be seeing UCFC: United Clark Football Club. And to match the team’s new identity, the club also revealed a new look.

“If you’re looking at the colors of the stadium, you will see the very dominant black and orange,” Gottschalk shared. So to match their home stadium, the team’s third kit boasts a bright orange color.

The new jerseys also feature the permanent logo of New Clark City, showing the team’s commitment to the city and where the team belongs.

Now, on top of UCFC’s decorated history, they now have a new home and a new city to look to and to play for. But even with the changes to the team, their commitment to the sport and to winning the league remain unchanged.